Nuts and Volts Electronics

Independent Game Developers

We are a small team of game developers located in Sacramento, California. Our goal is to provide fun, easy to play games for an affordable price. We adhere to a few principles in our game design: NEVER add microtransactions, NEVER add lootboxes, and do our best to never ship a title before it is stable. We hope you enjoy our products!


We are in development!

We are currently working on a new title which will be called "Fate of Persephone".


It is a story sequel to "The Mines of Morseph" but will be in a completely different perspective. We are using the same perspective as "Templum de Malum" but built a new engine that will give a (hopefully perfect) blend between point and click Adventure game and an RPG.


Stay tuned! Below is a VERY early screenshot (Click to see our subdomain for the new title!):

Fate of Persephone early screenshot


Templum de Malum

This is the latest title released by Nuts and Volts Electronics. It is available for purchase on Steam. (Click to go to Steam store page):

Templum de Malum screenshot

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